HCD undertake all aspects of PCB design

This Includes schematic capture and library creation.

All areas of design technology are covered eg. High Speed Digital, Analogue, RF, SMT, MicroVia etc.Using state of the art CAD systems combined with our design engineers in depth knowledge of manufacturing and assembly processes, EMC and signal integrity issues.

We are able to provide a PCB design service that meet your specifications, first time.

”Reducing cost through intelligent design”

One area of expertise, is reducing cost through intelligent design. DFM (Design for Manufacture) has been the buzzword in the PCB industry for some years now, but few people really understand it’s true meaning or how to fully implement it, at HCD, DFM is an integral part of the design process.

We form close working relationships between Electronics Engineers, Designers, Bare Board Manufacturers, and together with our own in house Test and Assembly facilities. Identify problem areas before they become an issue. Make recommendations that could possibly increase manufacturing or assembly yields on volume product.This approach shortens the design cycle, reducing the time to market, which in turn reduces the overall cost of a project, leading to a more cost effective product.

Perhaps you do not have a circuit or any PCB data.
We can reverse engineer most bare PCB’s and provide you with up to date schematic diagrams and PCB design data..

Reducing Cost

not Quality

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